Integrated Sensor Suites

G5 Infrared’s Integrated Surveillance Suites offer the best combination of payloads on a variety of platforms. The versatility of payload selection makes configuring your system to be the right choice for your application that delivers performance meeting your requirements at a reasonable cost. We offer a selection of G5 Thermal Cameras covering target acquisition ranges for man sized targets from 10 km to 38 km. Each thermal camera payload meets the following overall specifications:

  • G5’s proprietary optical designs
  • Spectral Wavelength of Operation: 3-5µm
  • The optical components in our thermal imagers have anti-reflection coatings developed by G5 which offer increased transmission over the spectral band giving us increased range performance over our competitors
  • 18x optical zoom, 8x digital
  • Each thermal camera solution has f/4 zoom optics and is 100% cold shield efficient which guarantees perfect scene imaging over all temperature ranges.
  • Our Standard Definition and High Definition sensors both have MTTF of greater than 20,000 hours, reducing your cost of ownership
  • G5 Thermal Cameras have two (2) year warranties

We offer additional payloads such as; a selection of EO cameras depending on range requirements, search lights, G5 laser illuminators with a 5km range, and laser range finders.

G5 has integrated surveillance solutions incorporating a variety of pan/tilt positioners. Each positioner has been evaluated for their accuracy, repeatibilty and reliability. G5 will recommend the best positioner to meet your requirements.

Let us help you solve your surveillance requirements….